Caring boyfriend builds ramp for girlfriend’s tiny dog to join them in bed


HANDY James Killen welcomes his girlfriend’s chihuahua on to his bed after building a ramp so the tiny dog can reach it.

James, 37, surprised Melissa Meiner, 30, with his doggy DIY for little Sammy after they had been dating for four months.

The eight-year-old chihuahua enjoys sleeping at the end of the bed and at Melissa’s house, she already has special steps for the dog to join her.

Melissa, of Louisville, Kentucky, said: “With me, it’s all about the little things, and he shows me that he loves me with sweet gestures like this all the time.

“He is so good to me, and so good to Sammy as well.

“James built the ramp a few days shy of us dating for four months.

“We have always kind of known that this is it for us, but this just solidified it even more for me, especially when I found out that it was now a permanent fixture.”

James says he wanted to prove he was serious about their relationship by building the ramp.

He said:: “We had discussed buying a set of stairs for my house, but I think the idea I had in mind was a surprise.

“When she found out I tied it into the bed she was really surprised.”