Learn How to Make Bee-Friendly Gardens


Along with knitting, puzzles and baking, gardening has become another popular pandemic pastime. The sale of seeds has skyrocketed, and regardless of whether people have a giant backyard or a tiny fire escape in the city, they’ve been getting into the weeds (mostly to pull them).

Perhaps you want to go one step further, and make your plants or garden more attractive to bees. We know that bee populations are on the decline, and that we need those little workers to help us grow food, so when you think about it, making an appealing place for them to visit is a nice thing to do. But where do you even start? By taking a class on the internet, of course!

Hume City Council (that’s in Australia) is hosting a free online workshop called “Bountiful Beautiful Bees: Creating bee-friendly gardens workshop” at 8:30p.m. EST. Katrina Forstner will be the instructor, and will cover topics including:

Landscaping for bees
The top bee-friendly plants
How to save seed
2 min salvia/rosemary propagation
Bee hotels