Dating app launches new tool to stop you receiving unsolicited dick pics


With lockdown slowly lifting, people are looking to get back in the dating game.

The good news is that dating app Badoo has launched a new feature that’s likely to be music to the ears of UK singles.

The platform has brought out a new tool which stops users receiving unsolicited pictures – AKA unwanted dick pics.

It’s clear the move couldn’t come soon enough, with more than 40% of millennial women saying they’ve received an unwelcome penis image.

The newly-dubbed ‘Private Detector’ filter does exactly what is says on the tin – keeps people’s private parts away.

Through AI, the tool identifies potentially offending photos, then automatically blurs them and gives app users a warning that the image may contain ‘inappropriate content.’

A recipient can then choose whether to view the image, block it, or report it to Badoo’s moderation team.

Natasha Briefel, UK marketing director at Badoo said: ‘The safety of our users is of the utmost importance to us and we continuously seek to be at the forefront of technological advances which enable us to help protect daters on our platform.

‘The private detector is one of many safety features we have implemented on Badoo, which also includes profile verification, photo moderation and chat limits.

‘We want to create a safe space for our users where they feel empowered to chat, meet, and date honestly while giving them the best chance of forming a real connection.’

The new feature has been launched with a spoof shopping channel-style infomercial, starring British rapper Big Narstie.

In the video, Big Narstie advises viewers to get consent before they attempt to send intimate pictures to ‘avoid being a weirdo.’

Badoo isn’t the first company to launch a feature of this kind. Fellow dating app Bumble – which is owned by the same holding company as Badoo – brought out a similar function last year.